Call for Submissions for issue 2

June 1, 2008

The next issue will be in September 2008 


The theme is MOVEMENT

Deadline for submissions for issue 2 is 18th August 2008.

Work can be any size to fit A5 and on paper. Work doesn’t have to be identical as long as there are 100 pieces to use.

I can print text or black and white images if you send jpegs but priority will be given to paper based submissions.


For any further information contact:




May 2008

May 16, 2008


Cover by David MacWilliam.




Issue One Contributers:


Moshe Ladanga  (UK) 


Betty Schlesinger  (UK)


Elizabeth Plain  (UK)


Jose Manuel Floueiredo  (Portugal)


Susan Mortimer  (UK)


Bob Milner   (UK)


Tamara Wyndham  (USA)


Katsura  (UK)


David MacWilliam  (Canada)






   Some of the contributions from issue 1.